November 29, 2009

Be Still

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone. Wow, that was fast! Christmas is only 26 days away. Twenty-five days of over-sugared, over-excited, over-joyed children anxiously trying to prove their angelic innocence all in these few days. Schedules packed with parties, programs, feasts, and activities.
Through all the insanity, I try to remember the quietness in which our Saviour entered this world. I believe He wants us to slow down during this time of year and reflect on Him and worship Him in all His glory. There is something that can only be found in quiet stillness. Now if I can just figure out how to get the kids to understand that.

November 23, 2009

November 19, 2009


I'm TRYING SO HARD to be patient!!! I didn't realize the urge to run out and see the midnight showing would be SO strong!! Going to try and hold out for my hubby to go with me on Thanksgiving day. Don't know if I can hold on much longer....


Recently, a friend took some family photos for us. She included this one on the cd..
I've known all along where this child came from.

November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat!

I knew if I was ever to enjoy my kids with a cute Halloween theme, this was the year to do it. Surprisingly, it didn't go over too well, especially with the older two. In fact, I think they were ready to tie me to a chair and hide me in a closet. After forty hours of labor, I felt like I deserved this moment.

The Wizard of Oz was my decision. After all, we had the perfect number of kids - one girl and three boys. I was going to make all of the costumes. However, Wal-mart had a Dorothy with hair bows and sequins, so I was able to "sell" Pods on that one. And as more proof my theme was of divine inspiration, a local consignment sale happened to have both the lion and the tin man - in the perfect sizes and $10 each. What are the odds? I did end up making the scarecrow. They're supposed to look all scraggly, so that was pretty easy.

Let me just say that last night made the last three years of my life totally worth it! Every child wore their costume without any complaining. Big E had a little moment initially, but once he figured out there was candy involved, we never heard another peep. Dad was so proud, he took a picture at every house they went to. In fact, Big E started saying "cheese" instead of "trick or treat." They were great!

We ended the night having hamboogers and halloweeiners at a neighbors house. The kids sat out on hay bales and watched "The Great Pumpkin" on their garage door. What a fun night! I'm already thinking about next year...hmm...

Bright Ideas

Two little boys were outside on a beautiful fall day. They saw a squirrel run up a tree. The boys decided to catch the critter. Unfortunately, neither boy was tall enough to reach the branches. Idea! The little boys decided to run inside the house and get their step stool. They tried to help each other reach way up to the branches. Almost!

I bet we have little engineers in the making...or at least future Nobel Peace Prize winners.