April 20, 2012

Christmas was exciting this year! We had a new guest in our house all month. We had finished decorating the tree, and were watching the "Elf on the Shelf" movie. At the end of the movie, to our surprise :), the doorbell rang. On our doorstep was a package from the North Pole! The kids tore into to discover that we had been sent an Elf. The purpose of the Elf is to watch over our house and report anything good or bad to Santa. The kids were a little worried about this elf staying in our house. They wanted to send him back. I must admit, he is a little creepy looking.
"Elfie" ended up getting to stay. Every morning, we would find him in a new and interesting place. We found him playing with Matchbox cars, playing UNO with some other toys, and hanging from the ceiling fan. One morning we awoke to find that he had drawn moustaches on our faces in a family picture. Since there was some question about Elfie's authenticity, Dad set up a video camera and captured Elfie flying off a shelf during the night. This seemed to end any question about his true identity. Mom was glad when Elfie left on Christmas Eve. She was tired of waking up in the middle of the night, remembering that Elfie needed to be repositioned. :)