February 28, 2009

Don't ask. I just thought this was hilarious.

Living With the Enemy?

Do you remember that scene in Sleeping With the Enemy where Julia Roberts opens the cabinets and everything is arranged so perfectly? Julia Roberts is mortified. That's me, only in reverse. I have straighted, organized, and tried to arrange things in a somewhat orderly fashion. After moving on to another room, I will eventually return to the clean room to find that someone out there is trying to make me crazy. For instance, a few days ago the culprit flipped all of my scentsy candle wax holders upside down. Another day, every clean room had one single toy laying out in the middle of it. They know how to make my skin crawl. Everyday there seems to be a new trend. I can't wait to find out who's behind it all...

February 25, 2009


Do you think it will work on kids, too?

Since today is the first day of Lent, I've decided to give up my children for forty days. Who wants them. I can't even imagine having forty days of a clean house, peace and quiet, sleep, and sanity. And, yes, I do want them back after my forty days of R&R.

Today ranked up there in my top ten worst days of parenthood. I had to get up three times last night to settle the little ones back down. I could understand this when they were newborns, but we're at the 31 months mark. Time to move on~and sleep! When I returned to my bed the third time, there was something under the cover. I reached down to move it and it was a body part. Totally freaked me out! My little Pods had snuck into my bed and I couldn't even see her. At 5:30 am, my sweet little Big E came down to join me. He crawled in bed. It would have been easier to sleep with an over-sized flea. Bubbie awoke at 6:30~cranky as most men are in the morning. Everyone was demanding breakfast and cranky-because they won't sleep at night. Big E decided the couch wasn't colorful enough, so he decided to take a marker to it. Frijole Man had a fit because I didn't use the box of wipes that he chose.

The rest of the day was something out of a Stephen King novel. Someone was crying, upset, or had otherwise been violated at almost every point during the day. By 1:30, I was exhausted. Normally, I keep on trucking through naptime. Today, however, I decided to lay down and work on my Twilight novel. Literally every two minutes something happened. The phone rang, the dog wanted out, Bubbie needed to get more of his daily 500,000 words out. I never did get a moment of peace.

I really wish I could remember everything else that happened. The grand finale was Bubbie not making it to the potty. He peed and pooped all over his self, his clothes, the floor, and the toilet. I had just eaten a BLT and was about to enjoy it for a second time. Ugh! I despise cleaning up poop that's not in a diaper. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day. And if you want to take my children for the next forty days as your Lent sacrifice, call me. I'll have their bags packed.

February 20, 2009

That's My Boy!

Boys, boys, boys. My dear hubby thinks they are so annoying. I am always quick to remind him that they turn into men that drive their wives nutty.

On Thursday, I went to pick up Bubbie at Mother's Day Out....which should really be called "Cram in as many errands as you can while you don't have your kids" day. He was standing in the classroom doorway waiting anxiously for my arrival. When he saw me, he ran out in the hall all excited. "Mommy! Mommy! Guess what?" I could only imagine what he had accomplished. "Mommy, guess what!! I made the biggest frog eber at school today!" (FYI~A frog is a nice term for passing gas). He said it with such accomplishment in his voice...and with such volume. Gotta tell you, I was the most proud momma in the building. That's my boy!

February 16, 2009

Hot Diggity Dog

Bubbie has been the one of my picky eaters for quite awhile now. The child has never before eaten a hotdog. Well, the other day, his daddy a.k.a "his hero" was chomping on a hotdog for lunch. Caleb decided that since he wants to be BIG like his daddy he should try one. Now he wants hotdogs EVERY day. Ugh!
Today, again, he begged for a hotdog for lunch. Hoping this will cease soon, I obliged and made him one. Meanwhile, I had to step outside to help Dad with something. Bubbie decided to leave his beloved hotdog on the table and follow me. When he returned, his hotdog was gone. He ran outside saying, "Mommy, Mommy! My hotdog is gone and I don't know where it went! I think it's lost! I left it on the table." Oh, Bubbie. You must learn that food is a precious thing around here and if you leave it for more than a second, someone or something is going to get it. In this case, a weenie dog.
Courtesy of Funtocollect.com

February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day !!!!

Courtesy of Flickr

February 11, 2009

Magic of Cakes

There is one T.V. show that I just adore, Ace of Cakes. Chef Duff is a creative riot. It is absolutely amazing what he and his cronies can create with a little flour, sugar, and gum paste. Not only that, but me makes me laugh out loud at times. Out of curiosity, I decided to google Charm City Cakes and see what came up. Sure enough, their website contains loads of pictures of beautifully crafted fresh cakes...starting at $1000. Woah! They are amazing, but could you imagine spending that much on a cake?? These are just some of their fantastic creations...

And my all time favorite, of course....

February 8, 2009


I have found two new "must haves" that I MUST HAVE! Check out that chair! Can't you just imagine this nice living room with hardwood floors, leather furniture, and over in the corner this chair!! I LOVE a little whimsy in a room! How fun! This will be my grandkids favorite chair ever! And I probably won't get it until I have grandkids.

Behind the chair, you'll notice the latest fashion trend. Can't you just see me walking into church, a wedding, or some other event with this dress? Total show stopper! Eric's going to think I've really lost it now. He still hasn't comprehended my love of the "stream of fish" coffee table. No creativity in that man.

February 2, 2009

That's the Last Straw

The Culprit

Well, today I left around 2 pm to go pick Pods up from school. Dad stayed home with the boys who were napping. When I returned home, dad went upstairs to release the rascals from their holding cell. A terrible odor quickly filled the hallway and I could barely enter the room to inspect any damage. Meanwhile, dad cleaned up the behinds. Now, I must cut him some slack because he has four inch stints up his nostrils from his polyp-removal surgery last week. I know he has no sense of smell and you NEVER gripe about a man who changes a diaper-especially and foul smelling one. He did a splendid job of giving them back their little shiny hiney's. However, he somehow missed the chocolate on Frijole Man's hands. Frijole Man had a little boo-boo and needed a little TLC, so of course, I pick him up and lay his head on my shoulder. He's my little lover and very tenderly starts running his fingers through my hair. I didn't notice his hands, but I did notice the odor that followed me everywhere. That's when I traced it back to the source. Of course, I'm already running late while trying to get Kathryn to ballet. No time to clean it, so I just had to tie it up in a bun and take off, with the windows down of course. It wasn't caked in my hair, just lightly brushed through. I'm not going to tell you that it's now 9:50 pm and I'm still sitting here with a bun in my hair. I have priorities and the blog came first. I'm off to the shower now....and the hair will be gone soon.