July 25, 2009

Full Service...I Think I Need an Oil Change

Ok, here's one of the greatest highlights of my life. TWENTY long years I waited for this moment! On Tuesday, my friend, Sue called to let me know the NKOTB was coming to town. That can't be real! I hadn't heard anything about such wonderful news! The phones started ringing and before we know it, six ladies were lined up for this night that will live in infamy.
To give you a little history, I was going to marry Jordan Knight and have fifteen kids - or something like that. Sue was going to marry his brother, Jon, and we were going to be best-friend-sisters-in-law. We had it all planned out...perfectly. The last time I saw them in concert was in 1989?? I even went to Vista Ridge Mall to meet his mother. I touched the hand that wiped the poo from my dreamboy's behind. Amazing!

Return to Friday, July 17th. Evie came over around 4:30 and we started getting all dressed up for the big night. She had bought all kinds of goodies because we were going to be the hottest looking 80's chicks there. As we put on our three shades of neon eyeshadow, Kathryn said, "Mommy, it looks like you have a rainbow on your eyes." Big belts, obnoxious colors, huge earrings, side pony tail...we had it all!

We got to the concert and low and behold, NO ONE else is dressed from the last century. We were total outcast. And to add to it, the concert was being broadcast live over iclips.net. NICE! It was okay. We had a fun time with it.

There were some extra seats available, so we moved from the lawn up quite aways closer to the stage. Then, the fun began. Twenty long years I have waited to see this face...

The concert was a blast! I haven't danced that much in years! And my how they have grown up...mercy! I'm still riding high from that night. AND, since I was able to download the whole concert, I'll be enjoying for a LONG time to come....until they come back for more!

Summing Up Summer

Oh my, I am so behind on this blog! So many stories to tell! I'll try to keep the updates short and sweet...

My baby girl is now six years old. She had a little mermaid "under the sea" party. She really wanted a cowgirl swimming party, but mommy couldn't figure out how to work that one out. She had a bunch of adorable little girls over. We transformed our living room into an ocean complete with an ocean soundtrack in the background. I needed a hammock and I would've been the happiest momma on the planet!

Next, we celebrated July 4th out at a local ranch. It was a blast! We got to ride paddle boats, jump in bounce houses, ride a mechanical bull, and just hang out together for fireworks! What fun!

Oh yeah, my sister eloped in Vegas around this time, too. No one really knows exactly when, but I'm sure it'll show up on Facebook at some point.

Next came Bubbie's birthday. I can't believe Bubbie's four! I still see him as that little melon head cutie pie. Bubbie got to celebrate with a McQueen party at Chuck E. Cheese's. He had a blast because they had Mario Cart which is his most favorite game. Bubbie is always so excited about and appreciative of his gifts. It makes it a blast to watch him open them.

Somewhere along the way, we ended up with a bunch of high-powered water guns. Bubbie is a perfect shot, whether he's aiming at you or not. We had a blast and everyone and the camera was soaked by the game.

Here's a picture from my sister's "I've been married two whole weeks!" party.

One more thing...We were driving home from the waterpark and Pods saw a homeless man on the street corner. She asked me what his sign said. I explained to her that he doesn't have a home and is needing food. After a few moments, she replied, "Well, he can live with us." I said that was very thoughtful and asked her if she was going to share her room with him. She said, "No, but he can sleep in Caleb's room because he's got a bunk bed."

July 12, 2009

In the Meantime...

I have a million things to blog about. I've been absent way too long. You can thank the cans of paint and Facebook. Well, and my children and husband. I will be back. In the meantime, have a good laugh...