October 14, 2010

The Ant Farm

Since we are homeschooling, I find it to be the perfect opportunity to let our children experience things "in real life." We needed an ant farm. The kids needed to see how ants live. I needed to see it. In real life. Better yet, I found a whole lesson on how God tells us to be like the ant, and not lazy in our work. This was going to be great! I bought the ant farm and ordered my ants. Not just any ants. Harvester ants. The big ones.

I got my ants and in the "farm" they went. This was one of the most interesting things I have ever seen. Those little critters got right to work digging their tunnels. It was amazing to watch them work. They never slowed down. The kids were fascinated and so was I.

All was good with the ant farm. Until, I left for the day. I got a "free the mom" day with my sister at Canton. After returning and having a somewhat restful slumber, I noticed a rather large ant walking across my bedroom floor. We don't usually have critter issues, so I just wrote it off to the weather. A few hours later, I noticed another large ant looking confused and alone on the living room floor. This could not be what I thought it was. Oh, yes. Another story to tell in twenty years. The day the kids opened the lid on the ant farm. Thankfully, I was not the one in charge when this one took place.

And by the way, most of the ants were still in the farm. The rest have a very short life span and are probably in my vaccum by now. Let's hope.

Fall Fun!

I'm getting really good at blogging once a month. That was never my intention, however. Part of my dilemma is that my hubby and I now have separate computers. You'd think that would be a good thing. The problem is that all my pictures are saved on his computer and I HAVE to add pictures to my blog. So, I have to wait until he leaves town to catch up. Unfortunately, by then I have forgotten that moment that I intended to blog about. And that's why I blog only once a month.

I absolutely love fall. It is now my favorite season. Life is structured - as structured as it gets, anyways. The kids can go out and run without having a heat stroke. The holidays are upon us. It's all good. Most importantly, it's time for the state fair tradition!

Pods drew a picture of herself holding hands with my mom's man and a Ferris wheel in the background. Eric was happy to join us after realizing that he was going to be replaced during this memorable experience. The kids were in hog heaven when they got to sit up on the big tractors. Mommy and Daddy were not in hog heaven when they stepped in the pig poo. Picking out their favorite color car was fun, too. Not for the people trying to keep the car's windows clean.

They saw Big Tex and weren't as in awe of him as last year. Everyone had their eye on the Texas Star. It was going to cost us $45 to ride this giant circle around twice. So, the oldest two got to ride this year with their dad. Suppose I'll get to take the younger two next year. :) That should be exciting!