February 2, 2010

Happenings & Mishappenings

There have been loads of changes going on at our household. That's the explanation I have for not blogging more anyways.

Our sweet little Bubbie, who is now four years old, has learned to write his name. I am thrilled, except for the fact that he has labeled the house. Each step leading to our upper level has been graffitied with his name as well as his bunk beds, dresser, and wall. To welcome his friends to his room, he even included a "mat" so they would know they were in the correct place. Unfortunately, he chose a permanent marker as the weapon of mass destruction. I've researched, googled, and basically tried everything to remove it. It has become lighter, but that's about it. I love going to web-sites only to see..."that's why they call it permanent." Really... He did survive the consequences. And yes, his future wife will see it someday.

I can report that Big E has been doing a great job in underwear. Hallelujah!! There is hope! He's been very proud of himself! And I am so proud of him, too! Still likes to push buttons...real ones and mine.

Holy Man...could care less about potty training. All this kid wants to do is play UNO and identify letters and their sounds. No kidding, the first thing out of his mouth each morning is, "Mommy, play UNO game?" He knows every letter and their sound. He even tried to write some of them during school the other day. I'm going to work on spending more time with him and maybe he'll be reading soon....in diapers, of course.

Our little Podderific is growing up. :( She lost her first tooth on Saturday. She was trilled! We were happy for her. We had made a tooth pillow a few days earlier and she was so excited to get to use it. She's a big girl now!

I have more stories to tell, but after looking at that last picture of Pods, I'm going to do the same.
Nighty Night!