January 28, 2009

Whimsical Treasures

I've been entering all these blogger give-a-ways and I came across this unique treasure...
These are mother bracelets! You can have your children's names inscribe and their date of birth. Beautiful! They have over seventy different combinations to choose from. I love the "slice of spice!" What a unique idea! Check them out over at http://barefoot-mommy.blogspot.com

January 25, 2009

There's More

Well, since my last blog entry a few hours ago, Big E has managed to add some more "lovelies" to his list of death for mom...

1. Dumping a new bag of chips all over the kitchen and living room.
2. Putting all of the dogs food in their water bowl and trying to eat it.
3. Taking the dirty dishes out of the dishwasher. We could work with this one.
4. Spilling water in the kitchen.

And I'm sure there's more I've forgotten to mention.

I had to drop Pods and Bubbie off with a friend and found a nail in my tire. Ugh! Oh well, guess I must leave the house and get it fixed tomorrow...ALL ALONE!!! Oh the joys! I'll be an AA honorary member in no time!

If I Should Die Before I Wake

I'm beginning to believe my children have taken out a million dollar life insurance policy on me. They're trying to kill me, I just know it! They have created a plan and are taking turns executing their role in my slow painful death.

I think this has a lot to do with their Dad's schedule. He used to be gone four, five, up to six days a week. Now it's the opposite. He's usually gone about three days a week. Previously, it was a big party when Dad returned because they hadn't seen him for so long. However, now the party begins when Dad turns the corner heading to work. They know mom has a million things to keep up with and not to mention take care of them.

Pods has been very good. She's going through the "monsters in my closet" stage, but she just sleeps with me when Dad's gone and that takes care of that. I really don't mind because I know she won't want to be around me for much longer. Might as well get all I can get now.

Bubbie. Poor Bubbie has the whole "middle child" issue working against him. He wants to be big and in charge of his younger brothers, but is also under the command of his older sister at the same time. He's learning how to not whine every time he wants something. Unfortunately, it still leaks from his mouth before he can catch it. Whining makes mom crazy! We're working on it..patience my dear, patience. He has been doing a great job with underwear. Well, except for yesterday morning when I woke up to him peeing beside the toilet in my bathroom. At least we had tile down! He must've been half asleep because he completely missed it. I wiped it all up with the intent of moping later in the afternoon when I got around to cleaning the whole bathroom. That, of course, never happened. So, bright and early this morning, I got up and cleaned and mopped. It looked beautiful. Later, while we were outside, Bubbie comes running out to tell me that he peed on the floor. Ugh! Sure enough, it was right where I had mopped earlier. I AM thankful it was on the tile. Bubbie's plan is to do me in with whining and peeing.

Frijole Man is super sensitive. He gets his feelings hurt about everything. He also likes to kick when he is getting his diaper changed. He prefers to run around naked even if it's 20'. He's also smack-dab in the middle of the TERRIBLE 2's. We're working on laying down the laws of the house. We're also going through twenty wooden spoons per week. Frijole Man will do me in with his little attitude, temper tantrums, and taking his diaper off.

Big E could alone do me in within an hour. We think we've finally figured out that he has some sort of "sensory disorder." Basically, he needs A LOT of stimulation. He gets over-excited about things and goes ninety-to-nothing from the time his feet hit the floor. I know you think all boys are like that. I have two other boys and I know what they're like. Big E, however, is like a normal boy times ten. He is CONSTANT. Since Eric left on Friday, I have pulled Big E off of the kitchen light fixture at least seven times. He's always trying to get in the garage because he LOVES to push the door buttons on my mini. He loves to leave the water running, leave the fridge open, and climb on cabinets. I know you're thinking he needs more discipline, but he gets it. Trust me, he does. He's like an ADHD kid who doesn't stop. He's curious about everything and determined to figure it out. We have some kind of a drain pipe in our backyard that is about five inches in diameter. I have no clue where it goes, I just know that anything that goes down it is never seen again. He dropped his special car down it. That was fun, so he dropped another car down. Then, he started having a fit because his "beep beep's" had disappeared. We were ready to go inside, so we started gathering up our stuff, but Bubbie's sandals were missing. They, too, met the drain. I could actually see them way down in the drain. I won't tell you how he flew off of the trampoline (with the safety net attached).

If I am still here tomorrow, it will be a better day. Dad will be home from Alcapulco...grrr..and our little party will have come to a close.

January 22, 2009

Wee Hee!

Do you remember my unforgettable Black Friday story? Think back to the part where I was standing in the parking lot next to Wal-mart in the pouring rain at 4:30 am, trying to load a trampoline that weighs more than I do, in my car. Well, the trampoline has been in the box in our garage all this time. We keep having all this beautiful weather, so I lovingly asked my dear husband to put it together today. I had this great idea that it might wear the kids out and they would start sleeping more. Much to my surprise, he complied, and without a single "why on earth is she asking me to do this-now?"

He managed to get the trampoline put together with the exception of the safety net. Yes, we have one. No, we weren't expecting our two year olds to jump on it without one. However, we did let them try it out. They had a blast. There was only one head-banging incident which was quickly recovered from. I'm sure our neighbors love that my knees now reach the top of our fence when I stand on it. I'm even more happy that they had four kids of their own and completely understand the need for energy depletion.

So begins our new adventure of a trampoline. Mom is enjoying the workout and the kids are loving bouncing around like little monkeys. Everyone has warned us of broken arms, concussions, etc. Of course, none of those people lived in a house with three rambunctious boys who do more dare-devil acts in the house than they will ever manage to do on the trampoline-knock on wood. Wee Hee!

January 19, 2009

Surprise! More Bubba Lub

Tonight, we had our friends, the Hoefert's and the Prachnick's over for dinner. Love was in the air. Mr. Bubbie has a bit of a crush on the Prachnick's daughter, Miss K. As we were gathering at the door to leave, Bubbie went up and put his hands on her face and kissed her goodbye. Miss. K's daddy was a little concerned about this, but handled it well. When we had made it out to the driveway, Bubbie ran up to give Miss. K one more farewell hug. He gave her a big Bubba squeeze. Bubbie danced away as they parted. Then all eyes turned to Miss. K. She turned and started doing some kind of Elvis pelvic swing dance. Her daddy swiftly picked her up and removed her from the young man's presence. Aww, young love. I can hear the bells ringing already!

January 18, 2009

Bubbie Lub

Darn it! I pick on Bubbie yesterday and he turns around and melts my heart today! We were all piled in the middle of the floor, doing what I don't exactly know. He leans over to my ear and whispers, "Mommy, do you know how much I lub you?" I could have melted right there.
I said, "No, Bubbie. How much do you love me?" He said, "I'll always lub you." And then he really did me in. "You'll always be my first girl. I lub you so much." Ahhhh, my sweet boy!
Can you imagine if grown men acted like that? They could have anything their little hearts desired!

January 17, 2009

But Mommy?

The mind of a 3 1/2 year old boy is an inquisitive place. They are constantly wondering all of the when, where, why's, and how's possible. They feel the need to voice every single question of thought that pops in their little minds.

Bubbie, who is turning into quite the good kid, talks non-stop. This has to come from the Robertson gene pool, because NO ONE in my family does this. ;) Why mommy? How mommy? Where mommy? Wha'd you say mommy? I can't hear you mommy? What about dat mommy? Is that a great idea? That's a normal minute with Bubbie. Bless his little heart, it's all I can do to restrain myself from sewing his lips up. We started playing the "zip your lips" game for my sanity.

We had spent a fun day over at the Huston's play land and were on our way back to the city. Everyone was exhausted from jumping on the trampoline and running around like wild children. All kids were conked out except for Bubbie. I was trying to enjoy the quietness of the country drive and just relax for a moment. However, Bubbie had an urge to talk for ten minutes straight. This finally woke Frijole Man from his slumber and his mouth started revving up. Bubbie turned around and told him, "Be quiet Frijole Man! Mommy needs to think!"

I know, I know...someday I'm going to wish he would talk to me about everything that goes on in his world. I'm sure his brothers will let me know everything he doesn't.

January 11, 2009

Wake Up!!

It's been a long time!! We spent this week just trying to get out of bed on time! All during Christmas break, I worked really hard at getting my kids to sleep in until 8:00 am. Finally, they're starting to understand that I don't want to see their precious little chipper faces until the sun is over the horizon. They still get up, but they're learning not to bother me. I can deal with that.

Everyone returned to school this week. It's nice to be back on a routine. Bubbie's teachers let me know that all he wanted to do was hug and kiss on them all day. What a Romeo! I for see lots of little girl's daddies calling me to tell me that I need to keep my son away from their daughters. Just like his daddy...loves affection, and is determined to get it!

Pods is starting piano this week. She's really excited about that. I hope she will stick with it for a long time. We plan on putting all of the kids in eventually. In case they don't get the girls with their overbearing need for affection, maybe the boys can still woo the ladies with a love song. We want to keep their options open.

Bubbie has been routinely "taking the cookies from the cookie jar." He prefers to hide under the coffee table or behind a chair and devour them. Amazingly, it's always Big E who did it...hmm..

Unfortunately, the little ones are following their older sibling's example. They've both been caught doing the same thing the past few days. If only I could get them to copy the good things!

Well, Bubbie is officially potty-trained. This is more exciting for me than you will ever know! Only two in diapers!! That gives me an extra ten minutes everyday and some extra cash! I'm LOVING it! This summer we're going to work on the little two. What am I going to do without little hineys to wipe??

I've been a busy bee finishing up my grandparent's 60th anniversary slide show. The house is getting a going through, too. I'm trying to get my spring cleaning done by March so I can be outside working off my newly acquired booty on the trampoline with the kids. I'm also trying to stay within my budget and do my part to save. That's my world.

Eric wanted me to mention that he has been driving the family nuts lately. He'll get up and make breakfast to his favorite Kenny G Christmas cassette tape. The cassette tape part should tell you how old it is. And the fact that Christmas is over. I'm trying to deal with it. After all, he is making breakfast and that's ten more minutes of time I get to be cozy in my blankets.

Happy Birthday to Cheri and Anita!!! Hope y'all had a great day and your hubby's took you out for a yummy dinner! ;)

January 1, 2009

A Few Jots

Wow! This week has flown by so fast! We've been enjoying our Santa treasures, cleaning out the house, and sleeping in a little later. Well, some of us anyways. Two mornings ago, I awoke at 5:30 to the sound of a little boy yelling, "YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!" What on earth could possibly be going on at this hour? Party in the twin's room. They had the lights on and music playing. Frijole Man was giddying up on the horse and Big E was playing cars. Much to their disappointment, mom crashed the party and sent both boys back to bed.
Dad went back to work today. "Cabin fever" syndrome was beginning to set in. Since I rarely take the whole brood out alone, I had to consider which store offered the shopping cart with the most seats. Target fit the bill. The older two rode in the kiddie seats, Frijole sat where I usually put my purse, and Big E had the basket all to himself. They were wonderful. I can count on one hand how many times the twins have been to the grocery store. They always get the "shock and awe" effect when we hit the food aisles. We got some 75% off Christmas calendars, educational video's, and some more parts to our favorite Christmas gift, the Geo Trax. Even mom and dad are entertained with it! I'm staying on budget so far...counting every penny!
For some strange reason, I got the urge to clean out my kitchen when we got back home. I went through all the cabinets, did some rearranging, removed more baby stuff, and cleaned. It looks nice now. And I love knowing there's not anything hiding, just waiting to jump out at me when I open a door. Life's simple pleasures.
Tomorrow's our last day to goof off. Saturday brings birthday parties and dad's return. Sunday will be church and preparing for the week ahead. I must say this has been the most "down" time we've had since the twins entered our world. It's nice to see there is hope ahead! I am starting to miss my babies though. Not necessarily all the work. Just having them fall asleep on my shoulder, having their tiny hand wrap around my finger, all their coo's and little noises, and everything else that's sweet about them. I just need to find one to hold and I'll be ok. ;)
Oh yeah...forgot to mention that I am aspiring to be like the Duggar's. You're thinking I'm well on my way. I don't necessarily need more kids....quite happy with four. I just like their simple and frugal qualities...and the fact that their children are so well behaved and quiet. I went to their web site and found out that they make their own laundry detergent. For $2 they can was 160 loads! Unbelievable!! I just had to try this! I bought the three ingredients and had the whole thing put together in about 10 minutes. I now have a five gallon bucket of detergent which will be diluted by half, so actually 10 gallons for about $2.50! It smells wonderful and so does my house after making it. LOVE IT! No more $15 for 60 loads! Ha! The kids loved watching me make it, too. We also made some of their casseroles and they have been a hit. This is so wonderful, I might just have to have 15 more kids just to get the full effect...just kidding. ;)