January 22, 2009

Wee Hee!

Do you remember my unforgettable Black Friday story? Think back to the part where I was standing in the parking lot next to Wal-mart in the pouring rain at 4:30 am, trying to load a trampoline that weighs more than I do, in my car. Well, the trampoline has been in the box in our garage all this time. We keep having all this beautiful weather, so I lovingly asked my dear husband to put it together today. I had this great idea that it might wear the kids out and they would start sleeping more. Much to my surprise, he complied, and without a single "why on earth is she asking me to do this-now?"

He managed to get the trampoline put together with the exception of the safety net. Yes, we have one. No, we weren't expecting our two year olds to jump on it without one. However, we did let them try it out. They had a blast. There was only one head-banging incident which was quickly recovered from. I'm sure our neighbors love that my knees now reach the top of our fence when I stand on it. I'm even more happy that they had four kids of their own and completely understand the need for energy depletion.

So begins our new adventure of a trampoline. Mom is enjoying the workout and the kids are loving bouncing around like little monkeys. Everyone has warned us of broken arms, concussions, etc. Of course, none of those people lived in a house with three rambunctious boys who do more dare-devil acts in the house than they will ever manage to do on the trampoline-knock on wood. Wee Hee!

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