January 19, 2009

Surprise! More Bubba Lub

Tonight, we had our friends, the Hoefert's and the Prachnick's over for dinner. Love was in the air. Mr. Bubbie has a bit of a crush on the Prachnick's daughter, Miss K. As we were gathering at the door to leave, Bubbie went up and put his hands on her face and kissed her goodbye. Miss. K's daddy was a little concerned about this, but handled it well. When we had made it out to the driveway, Bubbie ran up to give Miss. K one more farewell hug. He gave her a big Bubba squeeze. Bubbie danced away as they parted. Then all eyes turned to Miss. K. She turned and started doing some kind of Elvis pelvic swing dance. Her daddy swiftly picked her up and removed her from the young man's presence. Aww, young love. I can hear the bells ringing already!

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