January 17, 2009

But Mommy?

The mind of a 3 1/2 year old boy is an inquisitive place. They are constantly wondering all of the when, where, why's, and how's possible. They feel the need to voice every single question of thought that pops in their little minds.

Bubbie, who is turning into quite the good kid, talks non-stop. This has to come from the Robertson gene pool, because NO ONE in my family does this. ;) Why mommy? How mommy? Where mommy? Wha'd you say mommy? I can't hear you mommy? What about dat mommy? Is that a great idea? That's a normal minute with Bubbie. Bless his little heart, it's all I can do to restrain myself from sewing his lips up. We started playing the "zip your lips" game for my sanity.

We had spent a fun day over at the Huston's play land and were on our way back to the city. Everyone was exhausted from jumping on the trampoline and running around like wild children. All kids were conked out except for Bubbie. I was trying to enjoy the quietness of the country drive and just relax for a moment. However, Bubbie had an urge to talk for ten minutes straight. This finally woke Frijole Man from his slumber and his mouth started revving up. Bubbie turned around and told him, "Be quiet Frijole Man! Mommy needs to think!"

I know, I know...someday I'm going to wish he would talk to me about everything that goes on in his world. I'm sure his brothers will let me know everything he doesn't.

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