January 11, 2009

Wake Up!!

It's been a long time!! We spent this week just trying to get out of bed on time! All during Christmas break, I worked really hard at getting my kids to sleep in until 8:00 am. Finally, they're starting to understand that I don't want to see their precious little chipper faces until the sun is over the horizon. They still get up, but they're learning not to bother me. I can deal with that.

Everyone returned to school this week. It's nice to be back on a routine. Bubbie's teachers let me know that all he wanted to do was hug and kiss on them all day. What a Romeo! I for see lots of little girl's daddies calling me to tell me that I need to keep my son away from their daughters. Just like his daddy...loves affection, and is determined to get it!

Pods is starting piano this week. She's really excited about that. I hope she will stick with it for a long time. We plan on putting all of the kids in eventually. In case they don't get the girls with their overbearing need for affection, maybe the boys can still woo the ladies with a love song. We want to keep their options open.

Bubbie has been routinely "taking the cookies from the cookie jar." He prefers to hide under the coffee table or behind a chair and devour them. Amazingly, it's always Big E who did it...hmm..

Unfortunately, the little ones are following their older sibling's example. They've both been caught doing the same thing the past few days. If only I could get them to copy the good things!

Well, Bubbie is officially potty-trained. This is more exciting for me than you will ever know! Only two in diapers!! That gives me an extra ten minutes everyday and some extra cash! I'm LOVING it! This summer we're going to work on the little two. What am I going to do without little hineys to wipe??

I've been a busy bee finishing up my grandparent's 60th anniversary slide show. The house is getting a going through, too. I'm trying to get my spring cleaning done by March so I can be outside working off my newly acquired booty on the trampoline with the kids. I'm also trying to stay within my budget and do my part to save. That's my world.

Eric wanted me to mention that he has been driving the family nuts lately. He'll get up and make breakfast to his favorite Kenny G Christmas cassette tape. The cassette tape part should tell you how old it is. And the fact that Christmas is over. I'm trying to deal with it. After all, he is making breakfast and that's ten more minutes of time I get to be cozy in my blankets.

Happy Birthday to Cheri and Anita!!! Hope y'all had a great day and your hubby's took you out for a yummy dinner! ;)

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