August 6, 2008

Milk Does a Body How??

I had a nice surprise waiting for me inside my car today. When I opened the door, a foul odor filled the garage. That's when it hit me that three days earlier, I had forgotten to come back and clean up the spilled chocolate milk in the back seat. With these 100' days, there's not much that smells much worse, except Roto-Virus. So, I had to tackle vacuuming all of the goldfish, fries, and chunks of chicken nuggets out of every crack. During this time, the Big E was pushing every button to see what it did. He especially likes to push the buttons that open and close the passenger doors. It's great to get my legs smashed over and over. When the button pushing got boring, he moved on to eating the mummified fast food. Yummy! Afterwards, I got my new carpet cleaner out and went to work on the milk stains. Of course, once you start you might as well do the whole car. By this time, Frijole Man had figured out that he must be missing something, so he joined his partner in crime. Now, we had the blinker going, trunk opened, hazards on, and a few other bells going off. I finally got the van cleaned and am hoping that atrocious smell disappears. The twins are now sleeping peacefully.

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