October 18, 2008

I Love Jordan!

After a seventeen year absence, my first love has finally returned to the Big D. I can't believe I'm going to miss it! Unfortunately, between the economy and the accumulation of kids, I couldn't find anyone to go to the concert with me. Eric refused. Bummer! So, I'll just have to be happy knowing my love is within 50 miles of me.

Might as well reminisce about the good old days! I didn't have all of the "Jordan" stuff, but I had a lot! My friend, Sue and I used to walk up to the Payless Video store and buy all the NKOTB magazines we could find. Then we'd go to Wendy's, get a frosty and split the pictures. She was going to marry Jordan's brother, Jon, and we were going to be sisters-in-law. Perfect plan! I had Jordan pictures literally covering every inch of my bedroom walls. I had the nightshirt, the HUGE buttons, the dolls, puzzles, books, tapes, video's, cartoons, etc. I even got to meet his mom and shake her hand. I'm sure I was shaking! I would sneak my mom's mega-zoom camera into the concerts to get close shots. Jordan hung the moon.

I didn't get Jordan, but I do get to look at his child everyday...

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Sue said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am behind I know on this blog stuff. But What !!!!!!! I missed TNKOB tooo. Girl you should have called me!! I would have gone in a heart beat trust me.