November 19, 2008

Big Trouble Comes in Tiny Packages

I'm going to let Eric tell it tonight. His day was a bit more exciting than mine...for once. Mom had taken Pods to a birthday party. Dad was home with his three sons. At approximately 4:00 p.m., Dad was working on a puzzle with Bubbie. He knew the twins were awake, but decided to delay releasing them from their room. Mistake #1. Upon entering the room, he noticed both boys were jumping on the top bunk. No big deal until Dad noticed a tiny hiney was jumping around. (You can guess where this is going). Frijole Man was removed from the top bunk. Big E was next. Big E was naked from the waist down with little clumps of chocolate on his back. Dad picked him up and took him downstairs on the tile in front of the fireplace. Why not straight to the bathtub across the hall from his room you ask? So did I. Mistake #2 . Big E was expect to stay on the tile while Dad went back upstairs to clean up the that's going to happen. Meanwhile, Dad went searching for a new diaper and wipes. Big E thought it would be fun to stop, drop, and roll onto the carpet. Now there's another mess. Dad yelled at Big E to return himself to the tile. As dad looked to see if Big E had complied, he saw what he described as the"golden arch" coming from Big E. Mistake #3. Never leave a boy without a diaper. AAhh, I love laughing at these stories when I'm not involved in them!

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