March 25, 2009

As Cold As Edward

I had a nice thought last night. I would get all the kids in bed and have myself a little bubble bath. It has been over a year now and it might help me sleep better.

I ran around, getting the kids in bed. Then, I did a quick "pick up" of the bathroom. What good would it do to try and relax with cleaning supplies staring at me? Then, I cleaned the tub, found some candles that didn't make it in the garage sale box, started running my hot water, and got my Edward book into position. One last check of the kids and I was off to becoming a raisin. The room was ready to go. Well, I went to check on the kids and when I came back, there was about 1 inch of water in the tub, and about 8 inches of bubbles. No need to panic, I'll just fill it up again. Unfortunately, the only water that was left was frigid. The candles were so pretty that I tried to bear it for awhile. I made it through one chapter before calling it quits. I will be trying again soon. Until then, thin mints will just have to suffice as my vice.

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