September 27, 2009

Hands Off!

My dear hubby has not been called out on a four day trip in over a year. Occasionally, at the right time, these can be a treat. I had been wanting to texture my half bath for quite awhile. So, when he told me the news last Tuesday, I jumped at the opportunity. He walked out the front door and I started ripping the wallpaper down.
Stay with me here... Thursday morning was school picture day at the boy's CDO. I put them in coordinating outfits and shined them pretty good. Everything was going to good to be true. When I dropped them off at school, Big E did not want to go. Frijole Man's plan was to run in, take his picture, and run out before Big E saw mom. No one cooperated. Frijole usually loves to be in front of the camera. No luck on this day. When I finally gave up and was headed home, guess who was coming around the corner. Yep. I ended up bringing both boys home and making them take a nap. Meanwhile, Pods and I did our lessons for the day.
After a rest, the boys were returned to school where Big E was left with his class. Frijole finally let the photographer snap a few shots. Pods, Frijole, and I headed out to run those errands.
I decided to replace the plain bathroom mirror with a fancier one. I went all over town looking for the perfect mirror. They were all right around $100. Ugh. I ventured into Kirkland's. The perfect mirror was staring right at me when I walked in the door. $39.95! Perfect!! I wanted to look in one more area just to make sure there wasn't something better. Some inner feeling told me to keep an eye on that mirror. I didn't want to haul the heavy thing around with the kids in tow. So, as I'm searching through some frames, I feel a presence nearing my mirror. I look over and low and behold it's Evie! I said in a very firm voice, "Evie McNe, you get your hands off my mirror right now!" She jumped up with open eyes and looked around as if God was calling her. It was a hilarious moment! You must understand that Evie and I are like long lost sisters that were separated at birth. She is one of the few people that understands my need to smell paint fumes on a monthly basis. We also can look at color samples for hours. Not to mention our whole New Kids connection. Anyways, the fact that we were in the same store at the same time and looking at the same mirror...weird. I did get my mirror and I love it! Love the bathroom, too!

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