December 10, 2009

Four Little Amigo's Looking for Mexican

So, we decided to continue the annual family tradition of packing up the mini and heading out to look at all of the beautiful lights. Since the kids are older, we thought we'd drive them into the big city and see all of the fancy lights. Our poor children are never out after dark, so this was a big experience for them. We caught the end of rush hour traffic and the kids were fascinated by all of the cars and lights. I told them we were stuck in traffic. Bubbie asked, "Does 'traffic' mean 'cars' in Spanish?" That's my little amigo!
Later on the trip, as we went way up high on a mix-master, Bubbie said, "WOW! We can see the whole city up here." My little know-it-all daughter responded, "NO it's NOT! If it was the whole city, we'd see Mexican. Do you see Mexican?" We have so much work to do.
Finally, we did arrive at the lights. Biggins was fast asleep, but I wasn't going to let him miss it. Gradually, his eyes started to open and when he finally figured out what was going on, all he could do was shout, " LOOK AT DAT!" "Do you see it?" His enthusiasm made it so worthwhile!

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