August 12, 2008

Bathroom Make-Over Day Three

My hands are literally shaking as I type this. Have you ever used your hands so much that they shake? Well, here's the update. We've pulled out all the carpet and smelly pad. We, mostly Eric, chipped away the little bit of tile that was already in there. Eric filled in the nail holes today and picked up our "toscano" tile. We keep laughing that we're creating our own "little Italy." Our bedroom is consumed with everything that was in our bathroom and most of the closet. I never realized how many shoes I have. It's ridiculous!
In the past two days, we have also hung a new light fixture in the kitchen. Yippy! Been waiting eight years for that! We managed to get half the lawn mowed. The kids are running around like wild crazy people.
Now we need to patch a hole where E pulled a shelf off the wall and clean the house for tomorrow's party...aahhh!

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