August 10, 2008

Bathroom Makeover..Day One

Our first mistake was thinking we could take the troops to Lowe's to pick out tile for our bathroom. The second mistake was actually doing it. Everyone was cranky and fussy, so we got back in the car and headed home. Everyone was fed, changed, and sent to bed for a mandatory nap. They slept for about two and a half hours and seemed much better after a little shut eye.

So, let's try again. We headed for the orange store and hyped up the "car" carts that they have for the kids to ride in. That lasted for about five minutes. We started to look at tile and the kids started snacking. When I moved Big E's cart, his goldfish were literally swimming in a pond of water. He had spilt his cup and added some fishes. Being a good citizen, I looked for some wipes in the diaper bag. Of all the times to forget them...why now? So, I just went ahead and scooped them up, put them back in a zip lock baggy, and looked around for something to wipe this yucky stuff off my hand with. Luckily, there was a table cloth nearby. It was set up for a $10,000 free homemaker give-a-way. So, I signed up and wiped my hands on the back corner while no one was looking. I'm going to win it...just wait and see!

Bubba was having a melt-down, so he and Dad got to take a trip the car. Meanwhile, the other three and I trucked around the store. Everyone stares at us....look at that poor woman with two baskets full of kids. When it's all six, they scoot over to the side and watch like we're a parade coming through the store. Then you hear all the ladies say, "Aw, look it's twins. No wait, are they twins? They certainly don't look alike!" I just tell them that the boys have different dads and let them figure it out.

We finally found some tile. After the kids went to bed, we ripped out the carpet which now smelled like a boy's locker room...or at least that's how Anita described it to me. :) I took out my tension on the small amount of tile that was around the toilet. It really felt good to demolish something! We'll keep you posted on our tiling adventure!

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SASSY said...

When are you gonna come see me? Love your posts, girl!

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