August 9, 2008

Big E's Ark

These are true stories and yes, my life seems to revolve around the "p" word. This one will make you never want to visit my house again.

Remember that "poopie" odor that I was smelling last night and was all over my shorts, well I found out where it was coming from. Evidently one of my sweet little poochies was mad at me for leaving yesterday and decided to leave me a little surprise at the top of the stairs. It was dark when I took the kids up and I had shoes on, so I didn't notice anything unusual, besides that odor that I'm always smelling. Well, this morning I went upstairs to get my little men and I found a smooshed surprise. Great way to start the day. I opened the boy's door and found Frijole Man in his usual naked attire. Big E, however was sitting in the bed playing with some brown stuff. It was all over his foot, legs, and bed. I took him and scrubbed him up and then went back for the carpet. After scrubbing for awhile, I went down to do the morning line up diaper changing routine. I got the babies changed and then called for Bubbie. He came running into the room shouting, "Mommy, you won't believe it! I've got the biggest poopie ever! It's disgusting!" I wanted to crawl in a hole. So I spent the rest of the morning disinfecting carpet and kids. Can't wait to see tomorrow's diaper surprise, since the Big E was eating neon pink play-do at his Gabby's last night.

But wait, it gets better! After all of that, I decided to sit down and calm down for a moment. I was checking something on the computer when I noticed I hadn't heard from the Double Trouble Team for a few minutes. As I walked toward my bedroom, I heard that terrible sound of water running....similar to Niagara Falls. I found the two in a lake in our bathroom. They had pulled both sink stoppers shut and had the water on full blast. Of course, I had to document this moment with a picture, but I did shut the water off first. Water was everywhere. Underneath the sink was about 1 in. and everything was drenched. Drawers were full of water. I threw down towels and tried to get all of the wood dry. Well, sixteen drenched towels later and spending hours sucking up water with our wonderful steam vacuum, I think we got a lot of it up. Now I am trying to convince my dear hubby that we have to pull up the carpet and put some tile down.
If you're wondering about my children, they are still on the earth with us. I am seriously considering posting them on Craig's List. Two for one deal. Go ahead and report me now. Prison's not such a bad place to be. They cook your meals, give you a clean bed, T.V., exercise time. I would adjust.

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HanznFranz said...

Are you making this up!?