August 8, 2008

Ten Events on an Average Day

10. Removing Big E before he could destroy the fireplace.

9. Finding marker stains on Pod's new comforter which had been washed the day before.

8. Changing Bubbie's diaper the day after he snuck and devoured 1/2 a pan of Brownies. Made me want to make some more, let me tell ya.

7. Removing Bid E from the kitchen light fixture.

6. Not being able to move because a little girl wanted mommy to show her how to do a handstand and cart-wheels...which mom was determined to do since she could in her younger, more agile days.

5. Removing the phone from Big E's hands...not as easy as it sounds...that kid can haul it!

4. Catching Bubbie sneaking up the stairs after robbing the gum from my purse.

3. Scrubbing smooshed bananas off my newly mopped floor.

2. Watching a watermelon fly down the stairs and crash into the wall and splitting in two.

1. Realizing that the "poop' smell was coming from myself and finding it on my shoes and shorts and having no idea where it came from....or how long I'd been wearing it.

These are just some of the things I can remember. Anita, I want you to know that I was thinking about what to write for you. I went ahead and did it tonight. Otherwise, I would have been up all night thinking about it. Good Night!

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Amit and Anita said...

Don't forget about the watermelon thrown down the stairs, that hit the wall and cracked open. I was there as a witness...