August 8, 2008

She'll Never See Us

A shower was finally in my future at 10:45 this morning. I intentionally did not let the kids watch T.V. all morning so it would be exciting long enough for me to at least wash the important parts. As soon as I was drenched, the Big E wandered in, followed by his cohort in crime, Frijole Man. I started to scrub faster. Big E climbed up on the step-stool and began to apply toothpaste to his brush. Then, he decided to go ahead and climb in the sink. At this point, I was moving so fast that I'm really suprised that I didn't shave the skin right off my legs. Then began the migration across the bathroom counter, exploring everything along the way. By the time I got out of the shower, they had moved all the way across. They had discovered that Eric's allergy medicine bottle make great maraca's. So much for a relaxing shower. Gotta run and clean up the Big E's smooshed banana mess....

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Sue said...

You poor girl!! You have your hands full. Your house will never be bored. Something exciting is always going on. By the way you are good. Shaving that fast and the picture.... Says it all!! You are so blessed.

Have a Blessed Day