August 15, 2008

A Day of Praise

I love it when it rains all night long! I love the calming sound while sleeping. Too bad my kids don't. Pods awoke as soon as the rain started pouring. I convinced her there was no thundering or lightening, so it was safe to return to her bed. Bubbie was wide awake at six o'clock. Since we haven't had rain for over a month, I told him go read a book, play with his toys, or something. Just let me sleep. Suddenly, the light in the kitchen came on and the fridge opened. I didn't budge. I could have cared less about what he was about to destroy. I just wanted to enjoy my cozy bed and listen to the rain fall. He was able to entertain himself for about twenty minutes. Luckily for me, Bubbie requested "Dad's Famous Pancakes," that only Dad can make. So, I got to lay in bed a little longer.
What a beautiful day it turned out to be! After rest time, we went outside and enjoyed the fall-like weather! My pretty flowers were awake and reaching towards the sky. They had been quite crunchy looking only the night before. If you've even been in my backyard, you know I love roses. I think it must come from my great-grandma who will be 102 in October. She used to have the most beautiful rose bushes. They had huge blooms, usually four to five inches in diameter and all different colors. In fact, she loved roses so much, that when she was moved to a nursing home, she planted them outside her window and near the entry way. She was in charge of tending to them. When we would visit her as kids, she would always let me pick any rose I wanted. She would cut it off and let me take it home. So, I guess that's where my love for roses came from. Anyways, they looked so beautiful and healthy today!
The kids had a great time playing outside. Pods figured out how to fill up water balloons, so she filled while Bubbie brought them to me to tie. Then, he would hand them off to Frijole or Big E. Big E quickly discovered what to do with them. Frijole, on the other hand, thought you should nibble on them and drink the water that would squirt out. It was fun!
I'm off to work on the tile. Hoping to get my bathroom back by next week!

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