August 18, 2008

Weekend Report

What a weekend! The tiling is coming along. I showed Eric how to pick up the pace. I think he was enjoying his get-a-way in the closet. Hopefully, a few more days and this traumatic event will be past us.

Big E has once again surprised us. This is the child who almost made me have a nervous breakdown two months ago because he had almost every symptom of autism. It wasn't even the thought of my child not being "perfect" that got to me. It was the idea that I would have one more "issue" to deal with and I couldn't bear the thought of going through the rest of my life with this. Selfish, I know. Anyways, as soon as I called the doctor, Big E started his metamorphosis. He suddenly wanted to be held and cuddled. He wanted to play in the same room as his siblings. He began trying to get mommy and daddy's attention. His speech began improving, no words, but more sounds. So, the whole self-diagnosed autism thing went out the window. We've been trying to get this kid to say something for forever. All of a sudden, he starts saying "goodbye." Yesterday, out of the blue comes "thank you" and "cookie." He also started singing the Elmo tune! Clear as day. Maybe he's just going to skip this whole baby babble stage and go straight for the two-syllable words. Hope he potty trains this easily!

On the potty note...knew you couldn't get through the day without one of these stories...we had an adventure last night. Bubbie was playing in the bath upstairs. I had run downstairs to quickly check email. That always gets me in trouble! Next thing I see is a little naked boy with a big ol' belly standing next to me shivering. He said, "Mommy!! You've got to come see this! It's in the bathtub and it's disgusting!" Unfortunately, I knew exactly what this meant from prior experience. So I asked him if there was a poopy in the tub. He replied with a firm, "Yesth there is a poopy in der." I asked him who put it there and he told me that Big E must have done it. Poor Big E! He had been in the bed for at least fifteen minutes. Guess he's going to be the kid who gets blamed for everything. Anyways, we got it cleaned up. Bubbie apologized for the next thirty minutes. That wrapped our weekend.

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