August 21, 2008

Two Years Together!

We just celebrated the twin's second birthday. It was a bit early, but due to our upcoming plans, we needed to go ahead with it. Grandma Susie and Gabby came up and joined us. Gabby, an aspiring Wilton teacher, created masterpiece cakes again. This was a special year for the grandkids. Each one got a specially made cake of their favorite character. Pods got a beautiful Belle doll cake with Lumiere and Chip included. Bubbie had a recreation of Buzz Lightyear. Cousin J got an adorable Little Mermaid. Big E loves Elmo, so he got a nice big red Elmo cake. Frijole is fascinated with kitty cats, so yes, he got a big kitty cat. He couldn't stop saying, "Meow!" A big thanks to my former cake decorating friend for all the goodies! My mom said she was in Wilton Heaven!

The party went well. Frijole Man was fascinated with his kitty cat and dove right into it. Big E was a bit more reluctant...until he tasted it anyways. He had red icing everywhere. By the time he was through, Frijole looked like he was going to apply for a job as a mall Santa. They had a good time and I'm so happy we're done with birthday parties for the year!!

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SASSY said...

Looks like a great time! They are growing like weeds... So cute!