August 23, 2008

Mud Wrestling

Let me just say, I had the most fun today that I've had in years. While Eric was away and the kids were napping, I decided to go ahead and grout the tile in the closet. It was like a huge mud pie all over the floor! Forget using a trowel. I just stuck my hands in and went to town. I probably looked like the scene from Ghost where Demi is sitting at the pottery wheel. I started thinking there might actually be something to mud wrestling after all. The thought of me in a skimpy bikini ended that possible career. But then again, I would be covered in mud and no one would see anything? I can hear the kids telling their Sunday school teachers, "Yeah, my mommy puts on her swimsuit and crawls in mud when she goes to work." I'll just stop right there. Anyways, the tile looks wonderful if I may say so myself. I'm pondering what the kids will destroy next. Hum......
The kids had a pretty good day. We met our good friend at Chick-fil-a for lunch. All was well, except with Big E. He was having one of his screaming days. I took him in the bathroom for a little straightening out - if you know what I mean. Unfortunately, it was full of people. We headed to the car and he stopped crying, so I decided to return to the sandwich of which I had taken two bites. When we reached the entrance he started up again. I had forgotten my magical wooden spoon, of course. Eric likes to use a dowel rod in the car because of it's reach ability. That was all I could find. The only thing Big E will respond to is a spoon or dowel. So, I'm walking back into Chick-fil-a with an upset two year old in one hand and a two and a half foot stick in the other. By the looks on people's faces, you would have thought I just walked in with a machine gun or something. I always find it interesting how people get upset if you don't deal with a screaming kid (no one likes to hear it), but then when you dare to discipline, you're made to feel like a child abuser. I never had to spank him, just remind him that it's there in case I needed it. They came home and took a good nap, which is when the grouting took place.
Bubbie can out-talk me, which can make you crazy. As he was saying his prayers tonight, he thanked God for each member of his family and his grandma's. Very sweet.
Now I'm going to dance on my floor and then I'm going to hit the sack because my knees are killing me!

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