August 24, 2008

I was in one of my "tornatic" moods today. Those kind of days when you wake up and you're ready to take on the word. Must've been because of the crazy dream I had last night. In the dream, I awoke from a slumber when a light came on in the living room. To my surprise, Pods had gone in the attic, removed the Christmas decorations, and decorated the whole house - tree and all. It was the middle of August. For some reason, I get the feeling this may be one of those dreams that actually comes true one day.
Back to my original story... We went outside and the kids ran around while I got the garage cleaned and organized. Not without sweat and tears, of course. Later, in the afternoon, I worked on rearranging my closet, making myself only own 30 pairs of shoes-which should be a sin in itself, and working on the tile some more. After naptime, we headed upstairs and cleaned up the three pigsty's. We wrapped up the day by playing outside. There's nothing quite like excavating little green army men out of the sandbox. Big E is learning how to swing, so that's his new entertainment. So, that wraps up another weekend at the funny farm.

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