August 25, 2008

Ta-Da !!

The closet is finished!! Yippy! I am SO excited!!! Now I've just got to decide what color to paint the bathroom walls! Something exotic...hmmm.....I'd really like to make it into my own personal spa. My dear friend, Cristy, brought me a new Scentsy candle to go in my "spa" today. Those candles are the most amazing things ever! They warm with a light bulb and smell up the whole house in no time. Then, you can go back later, flip them on and instant fragrance. They are a little expensive, but WELL worth it!

Pods went to her second dance class today. She is very excited about it. The boys, well, they were their typical "boy" selves. Missing diapers, dirty diapers, hanging on the chandelier, destroying the house, making mom question if she has any sanity left. I did have a sort of day of reckoning. Upon waking up, I realized that today was the first day of school for most kids. I had to come to terms with the fact that this homeschooling thing is the real deal and for a moment was a little bit scared. But, I thought, Pods is already ahead of most kindergartners, so don't panic. She's beginning to read and math comes very easy for her. She was very interested in doing her reading lesson which was reassuring. I'm really looking forward to spending time with her and watching her learn. That's it for tonight!

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