September 23, 2008

Bubba & His Bubba Gum

This is how the conversation went on the way home from Mom's Day Out today....

(You have to understand that Bubbie NEVER gets his tank full. The kid eats nonstop!)

Bubbie: "Can I have some bubba gum?"

Mom: "No, you only get bubble gum when you go poopie in the potty."

Bubbie: "But Mom!!!"

Mom: "Sorry Bubbie. Only big boys that got poopie in the potty get bubble gum."

Bubbie: " But I did go potty. I went pee-pee and den I went poopie. And it was a big poopie. The biggest poopie EBER! It was a green poopie. Yeah, a big green poopie. Now can I have my bubba gum?"

Amazing what you can dream up when you want something really badly....

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