September 23, 2008

Think Positive Thoughts!!

You know it's going to be a long day when:

1. You wake up to "Mom! Get me some chocolate milk!"

2. You find two boys in their cribs, no diapers, and playing in their lovely creations...AGAIN!!!

3. While bathing the poop-covered child, he decides to pour water over your "ready to go" hair & face.

4. Every child is screaming and fighting, not wanting to go to Mom's Day Out. It's a sad thing when mom just tosses them in their classroom and walks away. ;)

5. The child you are trying to homeschool refuses to do her phonics work. And suddenly has a teenage attitude.

I'm Thankful because:

1. I got to wake up this morning.

2. My washer and dryer are working and I can wash the nasty sheets.

3. Hair dries.

4. I only have 2 kids home today.

5. We got through school. Maybe we'll get this kid "educated."

How's that for having a positive attitude?? I'm REALLY trying hard today!!!

And what the heck are those things in the picture? I just had to share! We visited an apple orchard and they had these Japanese Silkie chickens that were bred with turkeys. They have no feathers on their necks and their feet are the size of a turkey's. They are the size of a chicken. So, what kind of eggs do they lay?? Oh yeah, I really did ask that question....

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