September 21, 2008

The Nature of Boys

Before I had kids, I just loved little boys. The boys in my second grade class were usually my favorites. I loved their curiosity and energy. Don't get me wrong, I loved the little girls, too. I think I just adored that "boyish" nature. They were never afraid to get their hands dirty. They would catch our classroom pet lizard when he escaped and buried him when he finally went to lizard heaven. If I dropped something, they would race to pick it up and hand it to me with a big smile on their face. The parents would come in for conferences questioning my sanity when I would tell them that their little man was great. They'd say he's definitely not that way at home. I always thought it must just be their parenting. Which leads me to today's blog....

I sometimes question how I ended up with all of these boys. I love each one dearly, but the nature of boys is beginning to become more apparent to me, and it's not as precious as it once was...back in the day when I could send them home at 3:00.

Take Bubbie, for example. For some reason, when he turned three, he all of a sudden became a rambunctious boy. He always had energy, but before, it was cute. Now, he finds the little noises that escape from his little bottom hilarious. He can't control his laughter. And by the way it's going, he won't be out of diapers until his 16th birthday. He thinks it's a great achievement to come and tell mom (in an "oh my goodness, it's amazing" type of voice), "Mommy! Guess what!! I made the biggest poopie EVER!" Words ever mother wants to hear first thing in the morning. Bubbie also likes to do silly things, crack himself up with a cheesy laugh, and then say, "Is that funny, mommy?" There's just one Bubbie!

Frijole Man enjoys chasing his brother with a wooden spoon. He's determined to get him disciplined. He likes to smack Big E and tell him, "NO, NO!"

Big E prefers to hang from the kitchen light fixture. Yes, we're still working on this. He's definitely the dare-devil of the threesome. He cannot stand for a door to be ajar. He must slam it shut. He's got a good arm, so it's exciting for him to throw things. He likes to tell me he enjoyed the meal by sending a nice burp my way.

It's with great anticipation that I am looking forward to this time next year. By then, we should have a symphony of bodily noises and odors while climbing the walls. Worms, snails, and gecko's in the laundry. I'm sure they will have come up with pooping competitions, too. Can't let one out do the other! Aahh..the smell of testosterone!

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Sue said...

I was just thinking.... I believe the reason you can handle boys so well is because of your brothers when they were younger. What are your thoughts?