September 15, 2008

M&M's Monday

Got to spice up the blog a bit....when there isn't much to report, that makes it boring for you, but oh so nice for me! We've had the usual floatations in the bathtub, poopie pebbles in the bed (diapers missing), and food fights, but I figure you probably get tired of reading about kids that poop so much. During the day, I'm always catching little "precious" moments and think to myself that I've got to add that to the blog and by the evening, I've forgotten all about it. Here's some that I remember from yesterday:

Bubbie has been quite testing lately. The Wii has become a good incentive for good behavior from the little squirt. Now when I tell him to straighten up and act nice, he'll say, "But I am being good, mommy! Look at my face!! (With an ear to ear grin gleaming up at me) See! My face is being nice!!" (It's those darn limbs that keep getting him in so much trouble!)

Pods is doing well with school. We've really enjoyed our "special" time together. She loves her co-op and is making new friends.

Frijole Man is becoming the more trying one of the twins. He loves to talk....must be from his daddy's genes.

Big E is actually starting to get a bit easier...can't believe I'm saying this! I borrowed a bubble gum machine and filled it with M&M's as a potty training incentive for Bubbie....we're all into incentives around here. Anyways, Big E has figured out how to manipulate it to get M&M's to fall out without putting money in the machine. He stood there and ate M&M's for half an hour yesterday. It was hilarious! He'll be the one breaking into the vending machines at school...just wait and see!

I'm on this great redecorating trip again. I officially removed all of the baby stuff (except diapers) from our bedroom and bathroom yesterday. No more crib, toys, baby gear, etc. It was a little bitter-sweet. but I'm loving having my room back! I also got all of this stuff from Uppercase Living and can't put it on my walls until I get them painted the right's driving me nuts! I rearranged the living room so it would be more Wii compatible. You've got to have room to move with this thing! Oh, yeah, I bought this Magnetic paint at Lowe's today. Have no idea what I'm going to do with it...well I did have one idea, but I might get locked away for doing it. I thought it might be neat to paint all over a wall and then have my kids swallow magnets, so when they need a little behavior adjustment, I could just stick them up on the wall. Probably should come up with a better plan...

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