September 12, 2008

Simply Irresistable

I am going to relax tonight! Wow! Can't believe I'm even typing that! The kids are in bed and my hubby has returned to work after a two week hiatus. Some of the house is picked up other parts are in pieces. Who cares? If I die tonight, someone else can clean it up and if not it will still be there waiting for me. :) My dear friend, Cristy, has sold me on these Scentsy candles. I normally don't buy little treats like that. My candle collection consisted of whatever coupon I had for Glade candles. Not anymore! I have become a candle connoisseur. These little pots use light bulbs to melt fragrance wax, so if your kids knock them over, your whole house won't go up in flames. I do have to worry about that over here. I know there was something like this with a potpourri pot in the eighties, but this is so much nicer! Looks beautiful and smells incredible. I have collected over twelve scents! Now, how does this connect to my relaxing night, you're asking?? Well, I have one in my bedroom (much to Eric's dismay, because I had to unplug his lamp for my candle). Tonight, I'm going to fill my room with the scent, "Simply Irresistible," and lay in bed and read my new book. I keep seeing this book everywhere, so it's really peeked my interest. It's called The Shack. I read the introduction earlier today and now I'm really curious. I'll keep you posted on the book. Don't call me because I won't answer...unless you're flying around in the hurricane and want to say goodbye.

The kids have become great little Wii players. It's a great behavior motivational tool....does it work on hubby's too? Hmmm....

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