September 30, 2008

Cerveza and a Worm, PLEASE!!!

I am blogging instead of crying right now. I was just in the kitchen enjoying a little Alan Jackson (something adult) and cooking dinner. It's Taco Tuesday (thanks, JL!). I had the Mexican rice browning and hamburger meat almost done. Enter all the men in my house into the kitchen. That's a recipe for disaster right there. The meat was brown, so I drained it and put it back in the skillet. Unfortunately, I had laid the Rice-A-Roni box right next to the meat. So, I grabbed the rice seasoning package and three cups of water and dumped them into the meat. There must've been 100 "mommy's!!" going on in the background. Upon realizing my disaster, I took the meat skillet and a strainer and poured the seasoning and water into the rice. Well, actually more like the whole stove-top. While I was spinning around the kitchen, somehow I managed to clip Bubbie's mouth with my big toenail (which is pretty short). This led to a crying session with all three boys wanting my attention...and more "MOMMY's!!" I'm going back in the kitchen. Hopefully, I won't destroy the re fried beans or send the tortilla's up in flames. I'm not a big drinker, but there may be some cerveza and a worm in my future tonight! And no, Eric. I don't want to see your worm. :)
**The tacos actually tasted really good! Probably the best I've ever made. The beer was even better! I'll just have to have my Alan-fix another night.

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