October 1, 2008

There Isn't Enough Calgon in the World for Me!!

Well, well, well. Where to begin. My dear sweet hubby had decided to save the kids milk from breakfast the day before and let them have it the next morning. Yummy... Who knows how long it had been sitting out the day before. Don't you love finding week old sippy cups? I don't even open them. They go straight to the trash. I've been scarred too many times by curdled milk and the critters that like to munch on it. Before breakfast got started, Frijole Man shot his back up. Then, of course, everyone thinks they're going to lose it. Everyone, even I who did not drink the milk, felt a little on edge. We had our deliciously spiced tacos for dinner. No problems. We got the kids in bed and then decided to have our own little "Battle of the Wii." About the time my tennis elbow was setting in, we hear Bubbie moaning and groaning upstairs. I head on up and assume he's just having a bad dream. Same thing happened again about ten minutes later. Next thing I know, he's upchucking the same thing Frijole was earlier. I changed his sheets, clothes, and settled him back down. Bubbie's like me and for some reason when he losses his stomach he gets the urge to cry. He told me he felt much better so I went ahead and went to bed. About twenty minutes later it happened again. So, we changed the sheets, cleaned him up, settled him down, and got the boy some Sprite. Thankfully, that was it for the night.

After nap time today, Eric went up to get the boys. All I heard was a very loud, "NO!!!" You know, the kind filled with anger, "I can't believe this is happening to me," and "not another mess to clean up," all in one. He finally got to experience the "poopie diaper removal routine" at naptime. I got a good laugh...and a third set of sheets to wash.

It was a beautiful day here, so I opened the windows to enjoy the nice weather. It always gives me that "spring cleaning" sensation. I hadn't smelled latex paint in almost two weeks, and since I had 1/2 a gallon of paint left, I just painted a little area for the heck of it. I swear I'm ADD! I just have all this adrenaline inside of me and have to get it out or I go nutty! I finished up right as the twins were waking up. While they were munching on their snack, I decided to lay on my bed for five minutes and watch the news. It's never good, so I don't know why I bother. Anyways, I noticed it was a little too quiet. I got up and did the roll call, realizing we were one short. Big E had disappeared. This was all the evidence I had...and yes, this window is located on the front of our house.

Not every mother's dream. Luckily, I also caught this...
right as it was happening. Can you imagine if there had been something worthy of watching on the news? He would've been trekking down the highway!! Out of four kids, he's the only one that even attempted anything like this. Big E's going to be the death of me! :) I'd much rather go by choclate!
I smell my little red potatoes burning. Must've boiled all of the water right out of them while I was blogging. maybe the meatloaf will be better, since a guy named Stouffer's made it. Maybe I won't burn the green beans. Calgon take me away!

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