October 8, 2008

The Pumpkin Patch

Today is beautiful! We gathered up the troops and headed out for our annual pumpkin patch trip. We've done this every year since Kathryn was one and I look so forward to it. It's a nice way to welcome fall. As we walk through the pumpkins, my mind always drifts back to visits past. I recalled going two years ago when the twins were just six weeks old. This same time last year, they had just started walking. Seems hard to believe seeing how much damage they have accomplished since that fateful day. This year there were no strollers or gigantic diaper bags. They all wanted to walk or ride in a wagon. This year they were climbing and bouncing in the bounce houses, sneaking through the hay maze, and running through the pumpkins. I wonder what next year will bring...and I wonder if they'll ever say, "Aw, Mom. Do we have to go to the pumpkin patch again." You know I'm going to make them go until they leave home. :)

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