October 11, 2008

Ode to a Crib

Today I bid one of my three baby beds farewell. I didn't even get emotional over it. I guess a little tiny bit of my heart was sad knowing that it wouldn't be in my room anymore. It had some good memories attached to it, but there were also the not so great ones. Pods slept there for her first four months. There was no way I would put that little baby upstairs all alone! Bubbie, well it was a different story for him. :) Frijole Man spent his first nine months in that crib. For nine months, that child would wake up at least 7-10 times a night...screaming. I finally couldn't take it anymore and put him in the same room with his brother. The crib was also the holding cell, otherwise known as "time out." As much as I'll miss the good memories, I'm ready to move on and enjoy the next ones.
Frijole Man has finally found his relatives. He saw "Diego" on T.V. and started pointing and screaming, "DIEGO!!" Glad he figured out where he came from.
Pods had a birthday party to attend today. A little girl in her co-op turned six. I love home-school families! (I love my "other" friends, too!! ;) They are just so pleasant. There are no wild children with attitudes and throwing fits (like mine do at home). Everyone's just so calm and well mannered. Maybe I'll learn how to make my kids that way...let's hope!
Bubbie, well, he had another "Bubbie" type of day. He decided to wear his Diego underwear, which Frijole was very excited about. He had not dispensed his morning stool, so I was a bit concerned. We've already discussed how Diego does not like to be pooped on. It makes Diego very sad. Doesn't do a bit of good. So, I decided to be the bargaining mom that I was never going to be. I told Bubbie that if he made it through the whole day with no accidents, he could get a Slurpee. This is a major deal at our house. You get to ride in the "Big Truck" which we use only get Slurpee's and our friend borrows twice a year to move his college daughter. I clarified that accidents meant no pee or poop. We went over this at least five times and repeated it. Well, all of a sudden daddy walks in and goes over the meaning of accidents. You would've thought Bubbie had found out Woody's not a real toy. "You mean I have to go poopy in the potty???" I could not believe he was saying this! His drama continued for thirty minutes. If I EVER get this child potty trained, I'm going to get a massage...some way, some how!
That's our Saturday!

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