October 13, 2008

Sleep in Heavenly Peac

A successful day for me is when we have a normal chaotic day, but, through it all I am able to remain calm and composed. These days are few and far between, but hey, I'll take one here and there. I awoke at 5:30 to a little boy asking if he could sleep with me. Reluctantly, I said yes and knew I wouldn't be getting anymore shut-eye. Then, I realized a little girl had joined me at some time during the night. I was having some really crazy dreams, so I must have not even heard her get in the bed. Well, Bubbie jumps over me, and settles into the middle of the bed. He is one of those kids that just always has to have something twitching or moving. I made him settle down. Two seconds later, he starts grinding his teeth. Arrrggghh! He got tossed out and told to go sleep on the couch. Ah, Peace and quiet...no such luck. Sydney (our "favorite" dog) was standing at the back door preparing to lose whatever she ate the day before. Whenever I hear that sound, I FLY out of bed, hoping to get her outside before she loses it. Lovely picture. Eventually, I returned to bed, thinking I might get 10 more minutes. Then, the stupid alarm goes off. Ugh! I was on my own today, so I had to get moving. I jumped in the shower only to be violated by Bubbie standing at the shower door. "I want my chocolate milk. When are you going to get my chocolate milk? Can I watch a show? What about my chocolate milk?" Upon threatening his life, he finally left me and my shower alone. The day got better after Bubbie got his chocolate milk.

Pods had school today, so it was just me and my little men at home. They were pretty good all day. Well, except for the time when I came down stairs and saw a big red line coming from the corner of Ethan's eye. I thought he had poked his eye out because it really looked like blood. Turned out to just be a marker which he also used to graffiti the walls, mattress, and couch upstairs. Anyways, I used the day to get my house in some sort of order. I try to stay one step ahead of the Health Department's future visit. I know they're going to show up some day. When Pods got home, I wanted to take advantage of their down time and rest for ten whole minutes. Just a little afternoon picker-upper. I truly wish someone could have taken a picture of what happened. Here's the scene: Frijole Man on one side, Bubbie drop-kicking me in the gut (while I had my eyes closed), and Big E under the bed pushing the remote (which inflates/deflates our Sleep Number mattress). I am so envious of my friends who get to take naps! I know what you're thinking...and no I hope I don't wish someday I could have my children hurling their bodies at my gut while sinking in a mattress.

All is calm now. Tomorrow is bright. From this mother and child, sleep in heavenly peace....

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