September 4, 2008

Disney - Day 4

To break up the trip a bit, we decided to take a day off from Disney World. We headed over to Ft. DeSoto Beach. It is absolutely beautiful! Pretty white sand and seashells everywhere! The kids had a blast finding seashells and sand dollars. Pods is our future surfer girl and all she wanted to do was jump the waves. Bubbie and Frijole Man were a bit more cautious and were content just to watch the waves roll in. Big E, well, you know. We haven't really found anything that he is afraid of, besides a wooden spoon. He loved having the waves come right up to him. Everyone was really fascinated with the little sea creatures that rode in on the waves and quickly dug their way back into the sand after the wave left. How's that for homeschool science? We had a really nice relaxing day. When we got home, I realized that I missed half of my back with the sunscreen. Let's just say, "toasty."

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