September 4, 2008

Disney - Day 5

Back to the Wonderful World of Disney today! We headed out in the late morning, off to Animal Kingdom. Pods had a problem with "Kingdom" because it has the word "dumb" in it. I spent thirty minutes trying to explain this to her. So much for phonics. The weather was very hot and muggy. The first thing we did was ride the African Safari ride. It's a nice little trek through the native lands of Florida. The animals are right next to you, sort of like Fossil Rim, but with a much prettier landscape and with more of a variety of critters. We visited the Dinosaur Dig area at which the kids had a blast. There were bones to climb on, slide to ride, and for the Big E, water to splash in. We spent quite a bit of time there. Then, we ran to the Nemo show only to miss it by a few minutes. So, we went to see "A Bug's Life 3-D movie which was great, but the kids were terrified. Huge bugs jumping at you and spraying you with fog was not their idea of fun. The effects were great, though. Animal Kingdom was an interesting park, but don't know that it was our favorite. Maybe it was just the hot and humid day.

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