September 6, 2008

Disney - Day 7

Today we decided to return to the Magic Kingdom. We were very pleasantly surprised at how empty it was. There were barely any lines at the rides and shows. We had a great time and visited every area of the park. Bubbie and Pods were fascinated with the Dumbo ride and Cinderella Carousel and we rode them several times. Eric and I enjoyed a few wild rides together. Space Mountain was definitely the most scary ride I have ever been on. Just when you think you're safe, your heart jumps up into your throat again. I was fun to get to be a teenager again....I even bought the NKOTB's new album to play in the get the full "teenager' effect. :) Pods got to meet all of the princesses except Snow White. The Fairy Godmother was even available. Too cute! Gabby was insistant upon staying for the parade, so we let her pick the spot that she deemed best and waited for it to begin. We were glad we stayed. Pods was extremely excited and couldn't wait to tell her mom and dad who was coming up next. Bubbie was too cute. He kept waving to the characters and when Minnie Mouse came along, he blew her kisses. It was precious. It was a late night, but a fun one!

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Sue said...

OMG!!! NKOTB!!! Oh let me join you and be a teenager again......please!!!