September 9, 2008

Wild Week

It's been a wild week around here since we returned! We've been busy getting the kids to their respective schools and settled in to a new group of kids. Pods and I have officially started homeschooling. So far so good. Hopefully, the whole year will go smoothly. :) Our house is returning to a state of semi-chaos instead of total chaos. With Eric's help, we finally removed the eight loads of laundry that have been resting on our couch the past two days. It was beginning to take on a human-like shape.... Our carpet has reappeared, but I kind of wish it was still covered after seeing it. My mini had to get a new set of rotors and brakes. I bet Eric's been peeling out at those red lights again. I keep telling him to humble himself and realize it is a mini van, not some sports car. Don't bother impressing the ladies, 'cause when they see the four car seats in the back they'll be running away. I'm bent on getting Bubbie potty-trained this week. We're trying anything and everything. That's about all that's going on here. Oh, a funny tid-bit...Kathryn got in trouble for something and so she came and asked me how to spell, "I don't like you." She wrote her daddy a note and gave it to him. Glad to see this spelling thing is going to a good use!

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