September 2, 2008

Our First Family Vacation

After four days on the road, the Rascals are still intact and everyone is accounted far, anyways. Our vacation got off on a frustrating start. Airport security, need I say more. We arrived at the airport (bright and chipper) at 5:30 am on Saturday, kids, luggage, and three car seats in tow. That was the easy part. It started to get busy as we were heading through security and of course, so did Big E's lungs. He started his infamous spine-tingling screams right as we were opening our bags for inspection. Then, we all had to take off our shoes and of course I had just bought the boys new tennis shoes with laces. We were all detained because Eric was at the other end of the line with our tickets. It was one thing after another and I was one of those terrible moms that let my kid scream the whole time hoping it would drive the security guards so insane that they would send us on our way. We were very fortunate and made the first flight. The kids had an exciting first flight! I sat next to Bubbie and he was fine until he looked out and saw clouds. He sat with his head between his knees for the next 30 minutes.
When we arrived, we got our new mini and loaded up everyone and headed for our resort. We were very pleasantly surprised with our accommodations. It is a two story town home. The first floor has a "Gabby" suite with full bath, kitchen, half bath, and living area. The upstairs includes three bedrooms, two full baths, and a laundry area. Let me tell you how wonderful it is to have the laundry area next to the bathrooms. We could easily live in this place and love it!! And it's half the size of our house. We threw a mattress on the floor for the little guys and they are adjusting quite well. Wonderful!
The next day, being the brave souls that we are, we headed for Hollywood Studio's. This is where most of the Pixar (our favorites!) stuff is located. We met Buzz and Woody, Little Einstiens, JoJo and Goliath, and a few other characters. We saw a few shows featuring Ariel, the Muppets, and The Chronicles of Narnia. Someone was pretty much unhappy at all times of the day. Eric was really unhappy because he had just spent a ton of bucks on 6 full days of this! We ate lunch at the Pizza Planet and that seemed to console most of the kids for a little while. It's amazing that $8 mini pizza's can buy 15 minutes of peace and quiet. Afterwards, we met Mike and Sulley (Monster's Inc.) and ended up sitting down at the line for Mater and McQueen from Cars. It was a good rest point. Eric decided Big E needed a little cooling off, so he opened Big E's sippy cup and poured what he thought was water, but was actually lemonade all over Big E's head. Nice one...Anyways, we waited an hour and a half for the star cars to make their appearances. When they finally arrived, we were the first to greet them. The kids got near them and McQueen revved up his engine, sending Big E running into a crowd. After getting pictures with the other kids, we rounded up Big E and headed off into more crowds, crying, and heat. We wrapped up early that night and headed home wondering what on earth we had gotten ourselves into!!

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