September 25, 2008

Sloppy Kisses and Underwear

It's always amazing how the Lord knows exactly when you're at your breaking point and he sends a little something special your way. Wednesday was a tough day at the Robertson house. Bubbie was needy and whiny. Ditto on Frijole Man. Big E, well, he's just wanted to be attached to Momma all day! Meanwhile, Miss. Pods is in control of everything...which isn't always the best thing. And Dad's been sick to top it off. So, it was a rough day for Mom.

Nothing a good Girl's Night Out couldn't make better. It was nice to get away and go watch a chick-flick with the girls. We saw The Women which was about a group of friends who help one of the women through an affair in her marriage. It is the first movie out of Hollywood that encourage reconciliation. Can't believe it! We had a little discussion about it afterwards. Should she stay or should she go? My answer was to stay, but make him suffer and beg for awhile.

I'm sure it had something to do with the book I'm going to finish tonight. You have got to read, The Shack. I have never read anything like this! I can't put the thing down! It does an awesome job of putting things into perspective, as much as we humans can understand it, of God's amazing love for us. I'm going to read it again as soon as I finish!

I'm getting off the topic again....imagine that. Homeschooling went exceptionally well today. I told Pods that if she did a good job we would start working on our Disney scrapbooks afterwards. She had the most positive attitude!! We may be scrappin' for the next twelve years! Frijole Man was just an angel today. So cute and cuddly! He gave me so many sloppy kisses and I loved every one of them! Bubbie had his moments, but he did go potty at school -MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT! And he asked to wear underwear and told me he would not pee on Buzz Lightyear this time!! I'm really trying hard to not get to excited, but going down to only two kids in diapers would be such a blessing!!! Big E was cuddly, but kind of cranky from being at school. One out of three is not bad. All those sweet little things just make all the insanity and almost all of the poopie artwork worth it! Oh, and I did get a "Mommy, I love you," from my Bubbie. :)

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