October 25, 2008

Weekend Whimsy

What a fun weekend! Around 5:30 am, I awoke to Sydney starting her windup before expelling the contents of her stomach at the backdoor. I react as if the house is on fire and fly out of bed to get her outside before this incident occurs. It is not pleasant to clean, so I am always relieved when I make it to the door fast enough. Earlier this week, the twins graduated from their cribs into their "big boy bunk beds." We decided that the top bunk is too much of a danger right now, despite their ability to scale most anything. So, one is on the lower bunk and the other is on the pull-out trundle. They have learned that they have a new "freedom" of escaping from their room, which brings me to the point of this story. I crawled back in bed only to hear the thumping of not one, but two little boys sliding down the stairs in the dark. Big E comes marching in our bedroom and in his high pitched little voice says, "HI!" Frijole was dragging up the rear. Do they go to dad's side? Of course not. They both wanted mom. No snuggling. They wanted to jump on mom. Up and at 'em.

We started getting ready to go to our little friend Abby's 3rd birthday party at the pumpkin patch. As I was putting my contacts in, I realized I had been wearing that pair for quite awhile and they were beginning to irritate my eyes. I decided it was time for a new fresh pair. I put the right one in, no problem. Then, I put the left one in and I was totally out of focus! Was it the contact? Did I have them in the right eye? Is my medicine making me blind? I took it out to examine it closer. When I took it out, I could see perfectly! A miracle, I've been healed!! Well, all except for my head. I had forgotten to take out the old contact before putting in the new one. Two contacts on one eye. This was a waste of twenty minutes. Which is why we were late to the party, which was very fun...by the way! :)

Next, we headed to the annual Fall Festival at our church. The kids had a good time. We only misplaced two of them. Bubbie wandered over towards the cakes that had just been auctioned off, for more money than I could have paid for them. Pods took off to play games with her Tom Tom. All were found and reunited. They got to play some simple games and do the bounce house thing. Eric got to visit with one of his friends who has eight kids. Seven boys and one baby girl. He found out their bathroom had been flooded six times, which gave him some satisfaction in knowing it had only happened to him once. We'll take every drop of encouragement we can get around here. All in all, it was nice to get out and enjoy the weather together.

Tonight, I went to see Fireproof with Girlfriend. Christan films are such a breathe of fresh air, but they've got to work on the acting skills. Kirk Cameron did this one and he did a great job. The message was great! It's all about what it takes to keep a marriage together, good and bad. I really was impressed at how the movie showed the amount of work it takes even when the other spouse won't cooperate. Very encouraging for anyone in a relationship! The good message and great music made it worth watching, despite the lack of acting skills.

That's all for tonight. We'll see what tomorrow holds! :)

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