November 2, 2008

Good Intentions...

The road to Hadis is paved with good intentions. Those are my words of wisdom for today.

Let me begin by saying that I really DO NOT like this time change. This is the time of year that I begin to feel like a mother bear locked in a cave with four hyper baby bears. If it weren't for the threat of Santa not dropping by, I would be in real trouble. The only thing positive about this change is the fact that there is a .0001% possibility that I might get one extra hour of sleep. Hey, there's still a chance. ;)

I'd had the kids all day yesterday and we'd done pretty well together. We went outside and played and then I mowed while they continued to play. During nap time, I organized the attic. I did accomplish something, finally. We had friends drop by and visit, which was such a nice refresher! Dinner time went well. All of the boys had taken a bath by 6:45. I just had to keep them up for two more hours. Fun! While Kathryn was taking her bath, the little guys decided that we'd missed a few spots and took it upon themselves to jump right on back in the tub. Jammies and diapers included. They had to be totally changed. Big E had run straight to his bed when he realized he was in trouble, so his sheets were wet. Of course I did what every good mother would do and just moved his pillow to the other end and undid the sheet. Good thing he's still short! Finally the little ones were dreaming of sheep, or cookies in Bubbie's case.

I decided I would take advantage of this wonderful hour of extra sleep. I would go to bed early and wake up early before the kids, looking and feeling all refreshed! I was in bed at 9:30. Just when I was about to drift off, I heard Frijole Man crying. I went up to check on him only to realize he had a very snotty nose, fever, and shallow breathing. I gave him Motrin and an inhaler treatment. As soon as I returned to bed, he started up again. Upstairs again I go. After about fifteen minutes of rubbing his head and trying to relax him, I snuck out and returned to bed. Twenty minutes later, I'm back upstairs trying to get him out of the room before he wakes everyone else up with his barking cough. We went downstairs and did a breathing treatment. He got the privilege of sleeping in my bed. We did breathing treatments every hour for the rest of the night. Around 3:45 am, he finally relaxed and fell asleep in my arms. Finally some sleep was in my future. Would you believe as soon as I closed my eyes I heard Big E sliding down the stairs? UGH!!! I had to remove myself from Frijole and return Big E to his trundle. This, of course, just started Frijole's whole coughing and wheezing right back up. More treatments. At 6:00 am on the dot, I was attacked by Bubbie and Big E. I tried to lay there and close my eyes, but it was useless. Reluctantly (that's not a strong enough word), I got up and got breakfast ready, chocolate milk's ready, diapers changed, cleaned up Bubbie's spilled milk, Motrin and breathing treatments administered. Once everyone had their belly full, I decided to put in a movie for the kids and go lie back down. Why bother? At least one kid was annoying me at all times. I don't like to shut my door because they tend to get into things they shouldn't when they know mom is occupied. My bedroom is right next to the living room, so I can observe them without being in the same room. One was opening and shutting the door. The other was throwing diapers around the room. It was all I could do to not get that magnetic paint out, paint a wall, and hang them up by their overalls. I just wanted fifteen minutes!! I thought it must be close to 10:00 am, so I might as well just get up and plan to rest at nap time. I looked at the darn clock and it was only 8:15!!! I thought I was going to die.

Anyways, I did manage to rest for fifteen minutes at nap time. After which, Frijole woke up with wheezing/breathing issues. My dear sister came and watched the other three so I could take him to the doctor. He's on 'roids now and that always opens him up. This kid ought to look like Arnold when he gets older as much as he's been on steroids.

We're hoping for a good night tonight. You can probably tell that four years of sleep deprivation have not had a positive affect on me. I get really possessive of my sleep time. I do, however, love my children more. :) Nighty, Night!

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