November 7, 2008

No Mom, No Rules

Pods had found a displayed picture of Eric, Grandma Susie, Uncle Norman, and his Grandma Sibyl. She identified her dad and grandma, but was unsure of who the other two were. I explained to her that Uncle Norman is her grandma's brother and Grandma Sibyl was Grandma Susie's mother. I went on to explain that Grandma Sybil had passed away and gone on to Heaven were she would meet her someday. Pods asked, "So, Grandma Susie doesn't have a mother?" I replied that she does have a mother, but she's not with us on earth anymore. Pods got a very inquisitive look on her face and thought for a moment. Then she asked, "So, Grandma Susie can do whatever she wants to now?" Makes me think she's counting the days until I kick the bucket.

I also had to share this picture of the Big E. Our kids don't get dessert unless they eat all of their dinner, which is a rare occurrence for most of them. For the past few nights, Big E had watched Eric and I savor our chocolate pudding. He would sit in my lap and stick his tongue out hoping to catch anything that might fall off my spoon. It was hilarious. He finally ate all of his dinner and got his pudding. He was as happy as a pig in a mud puddle!

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grandmageek said...

Grandma Susie especially liked this one. Don't tell Pods, though, that Grandma Susie did pretty much as she pleased after she was graduated from college and left home, yet all the while her mom was still alive. It might give Pods ideas!