November 12, 2008

Turkeys for Tosha

I know you're sad that you don't have a class to make my favorite turkeys with this year! I want you to know that my class made some. We have to keep the tradition alive! :)

Every November, I would make these adorable turkeys with my students. Then, we'd hang them from the classroom ceiling. We had turkeys everywhere! When I started my new job as a mom, Tosha thought it was hilarious when she came over and saw that Pods and I had made these turkeys. We've done it every year. This year we added the corn cobs, which are the kid's feet and thumbprints.

I love you, Tosha. And so do my turkeys! :)

On another note, we got so bored today that Eric drug out the air compressor and started blowing it at the kids. He said he was teaching them about air pressure. We have got to get a hobby!

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