November 17, 2008

Play-Dough, Dog Treats, & Flames

I thought I had 5 minutes in which it would be safe to reply to my friend, Anita's email and to the PTA president who had emailed me two weeks ago. I was wrong, as usual. Pod's is was at school and Bubbie in front of the t.v. The twins have just finally got to discover the joy and mess of play-dough. I left them at the table, thinking they would be entertained for at least five minutes.

While typing away, I heard some questionable noises coming from the kitchen. So, I went to investigate. I found both boys up on the counter next to the stove. Frijole was eating treats out of the dog's treat jar. Ethan had turned on the stove (low) and put the small pan that I use to boil passey's on the burner. Passey's were in the pan, but no water. That would have created a nice odor and small flames in a matter of minutes.

Uncle Pat, don't bother buying us the collector's edition with every color of play-dough this year. I would prefer shock collars instead.

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