November 18, 2008

Look What I Found in the Compost Pile

I've had a million "I've got to blog about that" moments over the last several days. I'm going to try to get what's left of my brain to cooperate and get as many of them down before I fall asleep.

Every night, as a "delay-going-to-bed" tactic, Pods draws us cute pictures and brings them to us. One of our favorites is of her and her daddy holding hands with a heart above them. She came downstairs with a serious look on her face. In her hands, were two pictures. One was for Mrs. Wilson, her beloved co-op teacher. We opened the other and Eric said, "Oh, thank you, Pods. I love this picture of us!" Pods looked at him and said, "That's not us dad. That's me and John." Eric was dumb-founded. So we inquired a little deeper, trying not embarrass our 5 year old. She went on to tell us all about him. You know, the important stuff like where he sits, what he eats for lunch, what he plays on the playground. I tried to relieve Eric's fears by telling him, it's just a little crush, no worries. The next day she comes home from school telling us about another kid who kept noticing (and telling her) that she loves John. She said she does love him. We'll see where this goes from here. I'm just glad she's excited to go to school....

I let Pods wear a shirt that had a little belt and jaguar print to school. As she was getting ready, she was telling me how much she loved the shirt. She said it looked like something Hannah Montana would wear. (Yippy, but I don't know how she would know this) I told her she looked pretty in her shirt. Her response was, "Yeah, I even look normal!" How many more years of this?

Bubbie has been Bubbie...need I say more.

Frijole Man has been cracking us up as usual. He's decided my name is going to be "Maw." Lovely southern ring to it, huh? He gets really excited when he does something good and starts clapping and smiling at himself. Oh, here's a funny story...this morning I was getting him ready for school. He's starting to want to "do-it-himself." He had his pj pants all the way down to his ankle, but couldn't get it over his foot. Being the drama king that he is, He starts straining and adding all the necessary sound effects needed to show he was exerting effort. He strains really big and out comes this little toot. He just turned red and burst into laughter. It was hilarious. That's the kind of humor four men in a house create.

Big E was promoted to the lower bunk this week. Frijole was moved up top. They seem to be fine with it. Big E is learning that speaking will get him what he wants. He's starting to copy sounds more often and try to get words out. Big improvement! Yeah, Big E!

Other news...the speedometer on my mini went out. It's a mixed blessing. If the speed limit's 60, Eric will go 59. Makes an ADHA person like me want to jump out of the window! So, at least for now, he has to go with the flow of traffic!

Can't think of anything else and my Nancy Grace show is on....I'm becoming addicted again!

Later Gator!

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